Curated: Jana Lamberti

Forget everything you know about silk art.
Now meet Jana Lamberti: sweater designer-turned-abstract painter.  She has killer taste, a masterful way with textiles and color, and she’s putting it all on silk.  Once you procure an original, display it like any fine art piece with a mat & frame, stretched over a canvas, or with raw edges.  Then prepare to receive beaucoup compliments.  (And for those keeping track, she is the same Jana that brought you these stellar picks last fall.)
curated-jana-lamberticlockwise from top left:  {1} abstract i {2} seascape {3} strata iv {4} trees iii
{5} azure iv  {images via}

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09. December 2013 by susan
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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looks great!

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